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Teaser album « VIRAL MONOLOGUES » Poetry by Igor Goldkind (San Diego/USA) and music by Frédéric Iriarte (France/Sweden) composer UNIC6 [Electroacoustic Universal Art Music]

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Teaser album « VIRAL MONOLOGUES » Poetry by Igor Goldkind (San Diego/USA) and music by Frédéric Iriarte (France/Sweden) composer UNIC6 [Electroacoustic Universal Art Music]

Saturday 25th April 2020

The concept of this album is based on monologue meditations written by Igor Goldkind (Author, Poet) during the 2020 pandemic crisis.
The intention is to transform the negative effects of the global crisis into a hopeful creative statement.
A state of mind, a manifesto of actualisation through meditation.
Monologue, poetry, aphorisms and likewise political expressions all aimed at better understanding.
The good and the bad, the sacred and the profane, life and death are focuses in this album. A contemplative balance for a better world. an utopic world or just the world as it should be, plenty of creativity and no hidding words.

Just the truth, as Igor would say, will set you free.

Improvisations expérimental and composed multimédia interactions through the words and sounds.
A witness account of our time.

Joy en enjoye the beat of life today.

* Igor Goldkind US Poet from San Diego
Author, Poet, Speculative Realist

His previously acclaimed work Is She Available? is available at the esoterica shop on Etsy.

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* Frédéric Iriarte is a painter, sculptor, visual artist, designer, musician, composer, filmmaker, publisher of art & design books, researcher & developer (R&D) in the field of monumental public sculptures and urban spaces with holistic approach and methodologies.

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Frédéric Iriarte

UNIC6 [Electroacoustic Universal Art Music]






1 – A Viral Monologue (intro) 3´01´´
2 – Safe Zone (monologue/manifesto/state of my mind) 5´27´´
3 – Living with Uncertainty (monologue/manifesto/state of my mind) 4´10´´
4 – Pandemic Panic (Poem) 2´11´´
5 – My First Colour Crush (monologue/manifesto/state of my mind) 3´39´´
6 – We Contain The Virus (monologue/manifesto/state of my mind) 5´00´´
7 – Existential Machinery (monologue/manifesto/state of my mind) 1´48´´
8 – Admin Privileges (monologue/manifesto/state of my mind) 4´06´´
9 – Being is Becoming Still (poem) 1´45´´
10 – Mutually Assured Vulnerability (monologue/manifesto/state of my mind) 1´26´´
11 – Alone With Eternity (monologue/manifesto/state of my mind) 2´47´´
12 – Poetry Therapy (poem) 2´03´´
13 – Paper Bag (poem) 1´28´´
14 – The Stars (poem) 2´33´´
15 – What Happens After You Die (poem) 2´34´´

UNIC6 is an International, Experimental, Improvisation, Multidisciplinary, Collaborative project.

Produced at the Electronic Music Studio JÄRNA (Stockholm/Sweden) and in collaboration with IRREALIST ART, FILM & MUSIC EDITIONS
Registered at the Royal Library of Sweden in Stockholm & Gramophone archive IFPI
MUSIC IRSC SE-5YH-20-04001 / SE-5YH-20-04015
FILM IRSC SE-5YH-20-04016

N.B.! Photos, images, texts and proposals cannot be used, copied, reproduced or distributed without the written permission of the authors and Irrealist Art Editions.

© Music, films, public works, photographs, illustrations, designs, are protected by law. Copyright and registered organizations STIM. IFPI, SACEM, SABAM, OHIM, BUS, ADAGP, ARS, COPYSWEDE and others worldwide. Send a request to Irrealist Art Editions.

Auteur : Frédéric Iriarte

Artiste plasticien contemporain

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