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NOW available on major music platforms (not on Spotify because they are thieves) 8 Tracks Album « RAINBOW POPPY » by UNIC6 [Electroacoustic Universal Art Music]

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Album « RAINBOW POPPY » by UNIC6 [Electroacoustic Universal Art Music>]
Featuring artists
* Stian Grimstad (Indian Sitar, Trombon)
* Anna Karin Penton (Trumpet)
* Frédéric Iriarte (Doublebass, bass, saxophone, flute, guitar, lyra, percussions, harmonica, keyboard & FX)

UNIC6 is an International, Experimental, Improvisation, Multidisciplinary, Collaborative project.
Produced at the Electronic Music Studio JÄRNA (Stockholm/Sweden) and in collaboration with IRREALIST ART, FILM & MUSIC EDITIONS.

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* Frédéric Iriarte is a painter, sculptor, visual artist, designer, musician, composer, filmmaker, publisher of art & design books, researcher & developer (R&D) in the field of monumental public sculptures and urban spaces with holistic approach and methodologies…
Official site
UNIC6 [Electroacoustic Universal Art Music]

* Stian Grimstad is a Norwegian musician based in Stockholm since 2003. His main instruments are sitar, tuba and valve trombone and he play these in many different styles and traditions. His speciality is Indian classical music, a tradition He have learned through numerous stays in India and studies with his sitar guru Gaurav Mazumdar (himself a senior disciple of the legend Pandit Ravi Shankar). His horn skills is a result of years of training in a marching band in Norway in the 80s, a background one maybe can hear in his energetic tone.
He also work as a composer sometimes, mostly in the style of indian classical music.

* Anna Karin Penton swedish trumpet player

Recorded, mixed and mastered at ELECTRONIC MUSIC STUDIO JÄRNA (Stockholm, Sweden)

Registered at the Royal Library of Sweden in Stockholm & Gramophone archive IFPI
MUSIC IRSC SE-5YH-20-03002 / SE-5YH-20-03009
FILM IRSC SE-5YH-20-03001

N.B.! Photos, images, texts and proposals cannot be used, copied, reproduced or distributed without the written permission of the authors and Irrealist Art Editions.
© Music, films, public works, photographs, illustrations, designs, are protected by law. Copyright and registered organizations STIM. IFPI, SACEM, SABAM, OHIM, BUS, ADAGP, ARS, COPYSWEDE and others worldwide. Send a request to Irrealist Art Editions.

Auteur : Frédéric Iriarte

Artiste plasticien contemporain

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