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NOW AVAILABLE on BandCamp (digital platforms) album META ´PATAPHYSICAL INTER/ACTIONS by IAN GIBBINS and FRÉDÉRIC IRIARTE [UNIC6 Electroacoustic Universal Art Music]

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NOW AVAILABLE on BandCamp (digital platforms)
META ´PATAPHYSICAL INTER/ACTIONS with poetry by IAN GIBBINS and composed music by FRÉDÉRIC IRIARTE [UNIC6 Electroacoustic Universal Art Music]

* Ian Gibbins – Poetry performance and interactive interviews
* Frédéric Iriarte – Compositions, guitar, bass, double bass, keyboard, saxophone, flute, Jew´s harp, FX & percusssions


“This, then, our new world, serried with vigilance, chromed with unrecorded opportunity the paths we crossed, the riches we found. Watch our melodies cross oceans, flood luminous ironstone sandscapes with double-bass, lock-tight snare, Fender full reverb, ablaze under nicotine moonstain,. Let’s take five or seven or one hundred and eleven, juggle this sweet air of adventure, howl and whistle and roar, until gales abate, seek limbered skeletons to release. Neither apparition nor mirage, neither incandescent nor stereophonic, take your time: do not burn up through re-entry…”

Recording from the visit to Sweden Maj 7th 2019

Poems written and interpreted by IAN GIBBINS

1 POLYDACTYLY – 3´42´´ originally published in « Speak To Me: Conversations with the Flinders University Art Collections » (Flinders University Art Museum, 2016).
2 EGRESS – 4´11´´ originally published in otoliths 44 (2017)
3 VOX POPS, LA 82 – 3´12´´ originally published in « Stylus Lit 5 » (2019).
4 SEDIMENTARY – 3´22´´ originally published in « Cordite 82: LAND » (2017).
5 INTERVIEW – 3´17´´ (« unauthorised transcript” from « Noire » originally in « The Famous Reporter 44 » (2012).
7 CHEMICAL CODE – 3´26´´
8 SENSURIOUS WORKS ON PAPER – 4´44´´ originally published in ‘New Shoots Anthology: Poems Inspired by Plants.’ Red Room Company / Royal Botanic Garden Sydney / Rochford Street Review (2017).

* Ian Gibbins is an Adelaide (Australia) poet, working across diverse forms, including electronic music, digital media, and video.
He used to be a neuroscientist and Professor of Anatomy at Flinders University.

You can find Ian Gibbins poetry, music & film on :
On Vimeo

* Frédéric Iriarte is a painter, sculptor, visual artist, designer, musician, composer, filmmaker, publisher of art & design books, researcher & developer (R&D) in the field of monumental public sculptures and urban spaces with holistic approach and methodologies…
Official site
UNIC6 [Electroacoustic Universal Art Music]

Literature confluence organized by Bengt O Björklund Sweden Beat Poet Laureate – Lifetime Granted by US National Beat Poetry Foundation
Recorded and mastered at ELECTRONIC MUSIC STUDIO JÄRNA (Stockholm, Sweden)
Photography, Art Work courtoisy Frédéric Iriarte & Ian Gibbins

Registrated at the Royal Library of Sweden in Stockholm & Gramophone archive IFPI
MUSIC IRSC SE-5YH-19-01001 to IRSC SE-5YH-19-01009
FILM IRSC SE-5YH-19-00601

N.B.! Photos, images, texts and proposals cannot be used, copied, reproduced or distributed without the written permission of the authors and Irrealist Art Editions.
© Music, films, public works, photographs, illustrations, designs, are protected by law. Copyright and registered organizations STIM. IFPI, SACEM, SABAM, OHIM, BUS, ADAGP, ARS, COPYSWEDE and others worldwide. Send a request to Irrealist Art Editions.

Auteur : Frédéric Iriarte

Artiste plasticien contemporain

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