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Great review by Stefano Tocci (Music critic) « VER SACRUM » ROME/ITALY about UNIC6 & HYPERCUBE (BINARY PLANET album)

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Great review by Stefano Tocci (Music critic) « VER SACRUM » ROME/ITALY


Listening to the latest creation of the duo Hypercube & UNIC6 the first thought that captures me is: the experiments never end. Already when John Cage in 1952, also after the experience in the anechoic chamber, he composed « 4’33 », for any instrument or no instrument, it was thought that now everything was said. Instead, the research has continued, investing all sorts of sounds and emotions, and just as physics has dissolved the Newtonian barriers of the structures of the immensely large and the immensely small, the music has projected towards indefinite spaces, in which every language it is destructured following grammars that are incomprehensible to reason. Binary Planet comes from the collaboration between Hypercube (Rodrigo Passannanti) and the avant-garde multi-instrumentalist Frédéric Iriarte (UNIC6 / Electroacoustic Universal Art Music) revealing sensorial explorations in a single fusion of multiple sound expressions. Already the instrumental arsenal used by the artists speaks volumes about their intentions to « go beyond »: guitar, contrabass, flute, saxophone, electronic sounds, piano, percussion instruments and solo keyboard fiddled by Frédéric Iriarte, while programming, arrangements, compositions, production and mastering are the prerogative of Rodrigo Passannanti.

I have known Rodrigo for some time, both being from Taranto, starting from his first experience with the Koramina in 1984, passing also for the common experience Friday’s Ashes, which in 2006 celebrated the disturbing religious tradition of the Procession of the Mysteries through various interpretative keys of a same poetic text. His project Hypercube (Bandcamp: has raged for Italy, Denmark and United Kingdom after debuting in 1996 with his first album Earobics on the label Hypnotic / Cleopatra (USA), record known for renowned bands such as the FSOL, Loop Guru and many others. Since then Hypercube has produced and published numerous sound recordings with various pseudonyms on various labels including: Blue Room (United Kingdom) – Klang Galerie (Austria) – Nova Tek (Germany) – Criminal Records (UK) – SPV (Poland ) – Nova Zembla (Belgium) – Ressonus (Czech Republic) – Abstrakt Reflections (Argentina) – Electron Emitter (Lithuania) etc. including live concerts and a long-term collaboration with producer Andy Hughes (former member of the ORB). Hypercube evolves on visual audio experiments with extensive use of plugins, software effects and audio processors in the parameters of digital music and computer music.

UNIC6 (Frédéric Iriarte – France / Sweden) is an avant-garde multi-instrumentalist (guitar, electronic sounds, double bass, saxophone, piano, keyboard, percussions, etc.). Composer in the field of electro-acoustic, experimental, improvised and cinematographic music with over 200 videos on youtube and multiple film shows based on experiences (Bandcamp: Visual artist, designer and former teacher at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and composer involved in numerous projects with poets and 20 official publications on various constellations, also based on collaborations with talented musicians all over the world, multiple live performances (galleries and museums) in the field of visual arts and sound design. He is a researcher of sound evolution without boundary limits and resonances that he calls « Unreality of alternate realities ».

The combination of the two experimenters produced this « Double Planet ». A double planet is a set of two planets of similar or at least comparable mass, which orbit each other. The distinction between a double planet and a system that includes a planet and a moon is not precise, and a general agreement must still be reached; The most accepted distinction seems to be that, because the system is a double planet, the barycentre (which is also the point around which they both orbit) is not in either body, but falls into space. The fall in the abysmal chaos is in fact the sensation that catches the listener, invested by the multiple and contrasting sounds that envelop him from all sides, according to disconnected sequences and non-Euclidean geometric relationships.

The artists themselves define their collaboration « neuro cosmica« , highlighting the two polarities around which the research moves. In fact the prevailing emotion is that of a free fall in the unfathomable chasms of the cosmos and of the mind, through a multiplication of sound images now coherent and disturbing now, all oriented towards ungraspable space-time dilations.

« Aphobic Context » combines the teachings of Brian Eno and dystopian jazz phrases, according to a persuasive rhythm but at times demolished by unexpected sound devastations that each time involve sequential changes. « Terminal Gloss » is a continuous superimposition of cosmic sounds on which stand the psychotic raids of a hallucinating flute, played by Marino Zappellini. « Offline Retina » instead introduces us to annihilation obscurities, on which progressively we draw, in crescendo, multitudes of sound messages that, after having confused the senses of the listener, disappear again, projecting themselves again for unknown cosmic / mental horizons. « Vortex Of Illusion » brings back to the electronic school experiments, so dear to the early Popol Vuh, with very psychedelic shades. « Acrobatic World » instead draws a disturbing ambient dimension, dominated by vocal effects (of Metalique) hallucinating and destructuring, which evoke a communication possibility immediately disturbed and sunk into abysmal darkness. Finally, « Flexipatch« , the most enjoyable song (a lot to be taken with springs in the case in question …) marked by a hypnotic basic pattern on which sound themes are developed now hysterical and rending, now more cosmic and enveloping. herefore, it works not to agile listening, destined to palates accustomed to the most intricate and risky experiments, where one can perceive the essence of the dual relationship, the cosmos – psyche, the infinity outside of us and the one inside us, outlined through the continuous comparison. between deep and dilated timbral images and the frenetic invasion of disturbing, dystonic and sometimes schizoid sounds. The thread of the compositions seems to follow incomprehensible geometric architectures, lines that are lost, shattered and then flowed according to swirling axial coordinates in an alien abyss. In fact, music is no longer understood by artists in its harmonious communication language, but transformed into sensorial experiences that multiply according to discontinuous synaptic lines, where the free development of thought becomes a succession of images and emotions, losing every rational coordinate. Surrealism in music, according to its most extreme conception, is here.

Stefano Tocci (Music critic) « VER SACRUM » ROME/ITALY

Produced by HYPERCUBE-AUDIO London and
distributed by SUBMARINE BROADCASTING COMPANY (UK based Music Label). [Rob Mellor]

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Compact Disc + Digital

Album « BINARY PLANET » by HYPERCUBE [ Rodrigo Passannanti ] & UNIC6 [ Frédéric Iriarte ]
Release by Submarine Broadcasting Company [ LONDON ]
Saturday January 19th 2019 on all music platforms and Compact Disc.


* Guitar, Contrabass, Flute, Saxophone, Jew’s harp, Cymbals, Percussive instruments and solo Keyboard by Frédéric Iriarte (UNIC6)
* Computer programming, arrangements, compositions, production and mastering by Rodrigo Passannanti (HYPERCUBE)
* Flute on track 2 by Marino Zappellini
* Vocal effects on track 5 by Metalique

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